ne me quitte pas

t s eliot measured out his life in coffee spoons

in a way, i do too

some days are one cup, brewed the moment i wake up

some days are three cups, from the time i finally drag myself out of bed

until the sadness starts to fade from the edges of my vision

some days are fancy coffee shop days

and out of those days there are strong black coffee days

and days with extra shots of espresso

and days with vanilla or peppermint or caramel

days breaking the bank with three cups

and days counting my nickels and dimes

for the cheapest cup i can find

some days are travel mug days

when i can’t leave the house without  a caffeinated security blanket

some days are the instant coffee in the back of the cupboard

some days are no coffee at all

and i’m not sure if those are the best or the very worst

sometimes i feel like i can’t breathe

so i think of you

and then i become

a more sublime kind of breathless

my first love was a collection

of pictures and words on a screen

for the first twelve weeks

then she was flesh and bone

and smiles and laughter

holding my cold hands in hers

my first kiss was at a greyhound station

quick and sweet

we looked over our shoulders

daring onlookers to say something

my second kiss was there too

but we didn’t care what they thought

i spent seven thousand

four hundred

twelve days without her

so why the hell do i feel

so lost

without her cold hand in mine


i have always liked marks





i have always liked signs

of the things i have done

of the things i have loved

i want her to paint my body

with signs

that she has been there

i have always been falling

but i finally have a direction

to fall in

i just hope

she is strong enough

to catch me

posted 1 year ago

some say you can’t miss what you never had

but i miss the salty smell of the ocean

and the thin air at the top of the mountain

and the hum of traffic on every road i haven’t driven

but most of all i miss you

i miss your smell and the taste of your lips

i miss your hand holding mine and your voice saying my name

i miss your laugh and your walk and everything about you

even though we’ve never been in the same room

posted 1 year ago

you know the smell of a cool summer night?

i wish i could breath it in with you next to me

instead i’ll drink and talk to you through the night

until my brain swirls with caffeine and alcohol and you

and if i hold your words close enough 

it almost feels like we’re here together

posted 1 year ago

"i saw you and i was like well that’s all i want"

i’m going to die i like this girl so much

posted 1 year ago


vegan toasted coconut frappuccino.


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i love it when i hear that girls masturbate

not just because i get off on it (because i do, i really do)

but also because i feel like it’s so important

knowing your body

knowing what feels good

and then being able to make yourself feel good

it’s kind of empowering

posted 1 year ago

2012 was a weird year for me

Because I had some of the best days and some of the worst days of my life

I almost drowned myself in a muddy river

But I also had ten days of total, uninterrupted happiness

But I think I’ll put 2012 into the win column 

Even though I failed four classes and screwed up my back

I figured a lot out

And I did a lot of good things

So farewell 2012, hello 2013

I have a feeling we’ll get along swimmingly

posted 1 year ago